thca live resin concentrate

How THCA Diamonds Are Made: A Deep Dive into the Process

THCA diamonds promise a level of purity and strength unparalleled in any other form cannabis concentrate, being one of the most premium proprietary creations by both recreation lists and medicinal patients. These crystal structures have some of the highest THC in existence and are frequently up to 99% pure. Creating  thca diamonds concentrate is very difficult process which starts with raw cannabis material and from that they are turned into shiny crystals.


After it is extracted, the resulting crude cannabis oil will typically contain natural fats, lipids and waxes. Winterization is the process through which these impurities can be removed from crude oil. The extract is combined with ethanol and cooled to below freezing as part of the process.


thca live resin concentrate

Decarboxylation is avoided in the creation of THCA diamonds (THCA converting to THC through heat) You want the THCA to stay acid if you are wondering, as this is what makes diamonds which is also quite a bit higher than plain old THC.


  • Method: Take winterized extract you prepared, pour it into a container (mason jar). The correct ratio is needed for the crystal to grow in THCA-rich extract.
  • Packaging and Storage: Sealed, cold stored in a dark place. After a few weeks, the THCA crystals begin to form. This environment promotes the crystallization of THCA as this leaf itself is supersaturated that even at room temperature has a tendency to form crystals run.
  • Recrystallization: The initial crystal will be dissolved and again crystallize to increase purity ( size of crystals ) In this process of crystallization, crystal that are obtained by dissolving and then re-crystallizing in a solvent so as to get bigger diamonds with less impurities.

Separation and Purification

After forming a good amount of THCA crystals, they are separated from the rest of liquid that is full terpenes (terp sauce). This separation can be as straightforward as a filtration or decantation. The THCA diamonds may be left with a tiny amount of terp sauce to add flavor or refined further in order to remove any remaining solvent and impurity.

The thca diamonds concentrate is  carefully crafted and extremely time consuming to produce. Every step is important to making pure, high-quality THCA crystals from extraction and winterization to crystallization and purification of product. The end result is a cannabis concentrate to set the industry standard in potency and purity, this why THCA diamonds are made for true connoisseurs looking to elevate their high.