Month: September 2019

UGEARS models are an original and awesome hobby or gift idea for the kids and even grown-ups of different age group. Also, it is unforgettable time that you spend with your person when making the real things together. It is an exclusive model that will appear in the homes that assembled it with their hands. At, they have put special ideas and meaning in each model assembled. It is not only the constructors but also the art pieces, and real mechanisms, which bring the amazing world of mechanics much closer and make this comprehensible. This project helps the people to know the mechanics principles by self-assembly of the motion models.

Know the Idea

UGEARS realized an idea of the modular 3D mechanical models where everything is just real. It’s totally fascinating seeing the mechanical miracle that comes to life with your hands and giving you the glorious feeling of innovation and creation.

What’s the mechanical 3D UGEARS model?

This kit has everything you want for assembly: set of best-quality of plywood boards with cutout parts, complete step-by-step details, and extra information. The accuracy and quality of these parts is high because of laser cut method that is used by


You do not need glue to join UGEARS models together that makes watching this working & moving more exciting. Also, you can easily assemble this at your home on table. So, all you require is patience, hands, and right assembly instructions.

Suppose you are still thinking if you must consider buying UGears wooden puzzles, following are some important reasons that can change your mind –

Highly Sustainable

Without any doubt that the conscious shopping will be very challenging nowadays. For this reason, UGears sustainable puzzles are the perfect “green” gift that you can give to anybody. These items are made from the natural wood materials, which are very high-grade.

Comes Stylish

UGears collections comprise of beautiful and elegant wooden puzzles for teenager and adults. Thus, if your beloved one wants to have the stylish items, you must prefer purchasing one wooden puzzle item from our UGears collections.