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Keep A Check on Breast by Mammogram Screening in Morristown, NJ

When it comes to mammogram screening, can be described as specialized medical imaging that mainly uses a system of low dose x-ray to see inside the breast. A mammography exam is referred to as a mammogram, which aids in the diagnosis and detection of women’s breast diseases. An x-ray exam aids doctors in treating and diagnosing medical conditions. mammogram screening in Morristown, NJ exposes to a small dosage of ionizing radiation for producing pictures of the body inside as they are the most often in the usage of medical imaging.

Its equipment

A mammography unit is simply a box along a tube producing x-rays. Exclusively, the unit is used for exams of breast x-ray and features specific accessories for limiting x-ray exposures only to the breast. A device is featured in this unit for compressing and holding the breast and also positioning it. Thus, the technologist can do image capturing at distinctive angles. Using digital mammography units, breast tomosynthesis is performed, while not all machines of digital mammography are equipped for performing tomosynthesis imaging.

Prepare for it

  • Before a mammogram screening scheduling does discuss any new problems or findings in breasts with a doctor. Additionally, inform the doctor of any such prior surgeries, hormone usage, and family or personal breast cancer history.
  • For the week before of menstrual period, there is no need of scheduling a mammogram screening as breasts become tender during this time. For a mammogram, the perfect time is one week chiefly the following period. Inform the doctor or technologist of an x-ray if any is being a pregnancy possibility.
  • Must obtain the prior mammograms and to the radiologist make them available if they were done at a distinctive location. The is required for comparison along with the current exam and be obtained often on a CD.


It can be concluded that mammogram screening in Morristown, NJ is the best test for a doctor to mainly figure out early the breast cancer but sometimes approx up to three years before even being felt. A mammogram is used by the doctor for looking at breast cancer’s early signs.