Proper cleaning of various hard floors

The enormous variety of hard floor types requires a very different approach for professional hard floor cleaning services in Omaha processes. It therefore makes sense to define essential groups of floors and take into account the different types of rooms in which they are used.

But first it has to be clarified what is a hard floor anyway. Hard floors basically include all floors made of hard and rigid materials. For example: laminate, wooden parquet, linoleum, rubber floors, vinyl floors (PVC), ceramic and stone tiles as well as natural stone floors, Textile floor coverings, i.e. carpets in any form, are not included.

Waterproof floor coverings

The group of waterproof floor coverings makes up the largest share of the laid hard floors. What they have in common is a surface that is as smooth as possible, are characterized by a good price-performance ratio, are easy to lay and allow quick professional cleaning by vacuuming or wiping.

The most common materials are PVC, linoleum and rubber. They have displaced stone floors in many areas as they are easier to lay and renovate. Very often their surface is sealed with a polymer coating, which increases their cleanability. In the most common areas of application, they are mainly soiled by dirt from the road, dust and abrasion from shoes and wheels .

Tile coverings with heavy soiling

In rooms with heavy pollution, wet areas and pressure loads, tile coverings are predominantly preferred as floors. In the last few decades, in addition to ceramic tiles , porcelain stoneware floors in particular have established themselves in this area . Both types of soil have enormous resistance to all types of chemical pollution.

Through various sintering and glazing techniques in the production, tile floors can be produced both slip-resistant and high-gloss. Plastics are added to modern grouting materials to make them leak-proof, flexible and resistant to chemicals.

Combine functionality and appearance of the floor coverings

However, floor coverings are only selected in highly functional buildings on the basis of technical parameters. Often, architectural or design reasons are decisive for the selection of material types. Wooden floors  look friendly and warm or natural stone noble and elegant. Cleaning professionals will find all of these hard floor types in their properties.