Importance of Web Accessibility from the Viewpoint of Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Compliance

Ensuring accessibility is very important for websites. This is true from the perspective of preventing lost business opportunities and from the perspective of human rights.

“Human rights” may sound exaggerated, but websites are a fundamental infrastructure indispensable to people’s lives. Especially for people with disabilities, it plays a very important role in getting necessary information and using various services with healthy people. It also leads to the expansion of the range of activities and social participation, and it can be said that the Web embodies “a society where having a disability is not a hindrance.”

From this perspective, sites with inadequate accessibility may be pointed out as lacking consideration for the human rights of people with disabilities.

What is Compliance? 

Compliance means that a company adheres to (complies with) laws (laws) and ethics. Each person should protect it for the sake of corporate culture and social trust, but there are endless cases of violations. 

World movement 

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability, adopted by the United Nations in December 2006 is studded with descriptions of the use of “information and communications” by persons with disabilities. It can be seen that ICT, including websites, is emphasized.

In response to this, there is a movement to demand web accessibility support by law in each country. Most of them target national and government sites, but some, like Canada (Ontario) and South Korea, also target private company sites.

Responsibility as a website creator 

From the standpoint of creating (designing and building) a website, we will remind ourselves that “a website is the basic infrastructure of people’s lives” and ensure accessibility regardless of who the target user is.

In addition, it can be said that a work environment where it is easy to commit fraud, such as when the authority is concentrated on one person or when the seal is not passed, and anyone can seal it. We must review the system and create a work environment where compliance violations are unlikely to occur.

Specifically, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and implement them appropriately and propose ways to keep these guidelines applied even during the site operation phase. We will continue to do our best and check it out by clicking on this link